Our History

Our vision is to facilitate international partnership development through trade and financing that will lead to Nation autonomy and a community led vision of economic development.

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About Us

Anokasan Capital is dedicated to filling the gap for securing financing, and expanding to international markets by leveraging our knowledge, experience, networks and passion.  We specialize in fostering balanced partnerships between Canadian First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities with businesses and investors in Asia while maintaining the priorities and values of both groups.

Robert Beamish, Director of Anokasan

Our Director

As an innovator and facilitator of economic development, Robert is passionate about globalization and building relationships that transcend national borders. As a man of mixed heritage Robert understands the profound impact culture and identity have on business, life, and family. His father is an Ontario Metis, and his mother hails from the Arawak, one of the Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean.

Robert’s background in finance and trade have allowed him to work on what he is most passionate about, developing people and businesses through sound financial knowledge. His academic background in Economics, Business and International Trade provided him the opportunity to jetset to Hong Kong where he used the tools of finance to connect Asian and Canadian businesses. Now, as a co-Director at Anokasan, Robert works to bridge the gap between East Asian markets and Indigenous businesses and communities. Ultimately, his passion is bringing Canadian Indigenous business to the international arena.